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Exterior Painting Job

Schedule Your Exterior Painting Job Today

Do you feel like you may need new siding as you look at the faded and chipped paint on your house? It may simply need a professional exterior painting job to bring back its like-new curb appeal. Keigher Painting & Decorating is your local crew that has years of experience in restoring tired siding. Whether you have wood, plaster, or even brick, we have the tools and knowledge to erase years of exposure to the elements. Check out our portfolio of other completed projects in your neighbourhood for inspiration.

See the Difference when You use the Proper Outside House Paint

Make your choice for a new exterior colour from our huge selection of samples from the most reputable outside house paint brands. We never opt for inexpensive paints, as they will fade and fail after just a year or two. When we are done, you can expect your exterior painting job to keep your house looking fabulous for many more years. We will tackle the siding, eaves, gutters, window frames, and doors.

Taking the Time to Scrape, Prime, and Recoat for a Fabulous Finish

Not every painting crew will spend the extra time to remove loose paint chips or condition exposed wood. We do it all, from patching cracked or crumbling stucco to priming the clapboards. While the other guys may say that they can do the job in just a few days, we will never underestimate the time it takes to do the job right. Ultimately, you will be happier with the appearance of your home now and years down the road.

Click or call today and our sales associate from Keigher Painting & Decorating will set up a time when we can visit your home. We will write up an estimate and discuss the details involved in bringing back the beauty of your home.

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